Welcome to the official Nebulruffs website (or the Nebsite as we started calling it!) This is mostly still a work in progress when it comes to adding in extensions  and guides BUT in general it runs perfectly fine!

Nebulruffs (and all other subspecies) are both canines and felines that possess magic that allow them to switch into different forms (such as dragon for nebs/merrs and phoenix and other bird based creatures for phoes). Nebs all feature spacedust somewhere on the design but besides that basic rule you're free to get creative!

Feel free to check our our Discord Server! Its not required you join but if you want to be the first to hear news/get sneak peaks/join in on server exclusive raffles and giveaways I suggest joining :)


Nebulruffs are owned by Mouselobite , Yakko, and RamoftheEarth. Feel free to contact any of the users listed if you have any sort of question/issue/etc! You can also send in anonymous concerns via our Concern Form!